I have been struggling for a while to amend my a WordPress theme to relocate the sidebar to the left hand pane.

There are a few articles posted on the support site which give a few idea’s but I though I would summarise what is necessary.  http://wordpress.org/support/topic/217419?replies=7

Try set the .narrowcolumn float to “right” and remove the #sidebar “margin-left”

I found that once I had done that I still had to adjust the column widths to then shift the text over to align it with the background.  These are the two extracts that I have used:

.narrowcolumn {
float: right;
padding: 0 45px 20px 45px;
margin: 0px 0 0;
width: 440px;

padding: 20px 0 10px 25px;
‘    margin-left: 45px;
width: 160px;

This is my site Written by Tim Jolley on May 19, 2010 – 8:14 am